According to Vivint, a home automation company in North America, customers in Southern states are adopting smart home technologies at a higher rate than new customers in most other areas of the United States.

Southern states occupy three of the five top spots when it comes to the percentage of new customers adding smart home features like remote door locks, video surveillance, energy management, and lighting and small appliance control to basic security packages. The top five list also includes two Midwestern states:

1. North Dakota – 74.53%
2. Arkansas – 71.60%
3. Tennessee – 68.22%
4. Georgia – 65.21%
5. Nebraska – 64.93%

Smart home features are more affordable and easier to use than ever—with full packages running about the same price as a cell phone plan. New technologies, professional installation services and innovative financing plans have made the safety, convenience and energy management benefits of home automation accessible for a wide variety of consumers.

“Customers love the ease and functionality of being able to control their security, lighting and small appliances through a smartphone or computer,” says chief operations officer Alex Dunn. “In states where the temperatures can fluctuate quickly, the ability to remotely adjust your thermostat is especially appealing.”