MDSI Mobile Data Solutions (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada) will upgrade current customer Colorado Springs Utilities (Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.) to Advantex r7, the latest version of MDSI's mobile workforce management software. Advantex r7 will automate the work and workday of approximately 100 field workers who serve approximately 603,000 customers.

A longtime Advantex user, Springs Utilities was ranked in 2003 by J.D. Power and Associates as the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction With Residential Electric Service Among Medium-sized Utilities, in a Tie.”

With Advantex r7, Springs Utilities will schedule and wirelessly dispatch work to field crews who will use the solution to manage and record their work, and provide real-time status updates from the field. Access to such real-time data will allow for highly responsive customer service and will ensure that each job is completed by the right person at the right time.

Other Advantex features will allow dispatchers to optimally sequence work orders and identify the best route between assignments to minimize field workers' driving time and integrate work order data with street maps on workers' mobile devices in the field. Advantex r7 will interface with Colorado Springs Utilities existing customer information system and ultimately the upgraded system upon project completion. Advantex will wirelessly communicate data over a GPRS/EDGE network to mobile workers who will interface with the application through ruggedized notebook computers.
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