Elster Electricity, LLC (Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.) announces that the Salt River Project Agricultural and Improvement Power District (SRP; Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.) has completed its pilot of the EnergyAxis System and will begin a production-scale implementation. Elster's system features powerful two-way RF communications with Elster's electronic single-phase REX meter and A3 ALPHA meter collector. SRP and Elster have reached an agreement for the purchase of 125,000 REX meters, with the first 25,000 meters to be delivered this quarter. The deployment will enable SRP to collect data for electricity consumption and time-of-use (TOU) metering from apartments, townhouses, residential homes and small commercial businesses in Phoenix.

“The EnergyAxis System performed exceptionally well through all stages of our pilot,” remarked John Soethe, manager of Revenue Cycle Services for SRP. “The EnergyAxis System allowed us to gather meter reads remotely for monthly billing and for move-in/out activity. We believe the EnergyAxis System will allow SRP to improve field and back office productivity while building a platform for new customer-service options.”