Utility Integration Solutions Inc. (UISOL; Lafayette, California, U.S.) entered into an agreement to implement a next-generation demand-response application for regional transmission organization PJM Interconnection (Norristown, Pennsylvania, U.S.). PJM ensures reliable operation of the high-voltage power system that serves more than 51 million people across a 13-state region and the District of Columbia.

PJM currently manages its demand-side response (DSR) programs with an internally developed application, LoadResponse. PJM's DSR activity dates back to 1992 and was significantly expanded with new tariff language in 2006. Working with its stakeholders over the past several years, PJM has evolved market rules to remove barriers to entry for demand-side resources and improve the operational efficiency of DSR in the PJM wholesale markets.

To support the expansion of its DSR programs, PJM will implement a new demand-response system based on UISOL's Demand Response Business Network (DRBizNet) solution to replace the LoadResponse application. The level of PJM DSR activity and the associated opportunities in the various PJM wholesale markets has grown over time. Recent and future market changes will require ongoing DSR system application enhancements. The UISOL project is designed to implement a flexible and robust system to serve PJM DSR stakeholders for the future.

UISOL and its principals built DRBizNet from over a decade of research and development focused on building the future infrastructure for management of demand-response resources. In 2006, UISOL successfully demonstrated DRBizNet in California during a field-simulation project funded by the California Energy Commission and managed by the California Institute for Energy Efficiency.