To manage the multiple DR products with reduced curtailment notification periods, an automated curtailment system was needed. TVA's DRMS performs telephone notifications to all DR customers at the start and end of each event using an on-site third-party voice XML notification server. The notification system accepts voice XML as an input, which is generated by the DRMS. The actual messages are typed into the DRMS and use placeholders to fill in specific DR event information, such as product name and event start and end times. In addition to telephone notification, the DRMS also will send text messages and e-mails to customers.

While the current system uses the telephone as the primary means for DR event notification, a new standard called open automated demand-response (OpenADR) eventually will be integrated into the DRMS. The DRMS will function as an OpenADR server, communicating directly with third-party OpenADR clients at the customer sites.

Post-Op Financial Evaluation

The DRMS is able to calculate the impact to TVA of each event because all economic factors (for example, current system cost, curtailment amount, contract prices and DR credits) are fed into the DRMS from other sources. The DRMS displays this value by event, customer and product, allowing management to evaluate the benefit of each DR product to TVA. This provides immediate feedback on the effective use of DR for each event.

As TVA took to the road to market the products, the logical next step was to develop a mobile version of the DR as well as a view of the entire TVA system. With that vision a reality, the teams can now not only talk about products but show them in real time within the mobile power system summary application. Anyone with an iPad or iPhone and the necessary security privileges can see a real-time view of the system, refreshed every 10 seconds.

Fulfilling the Vision

TVA's vision of becoming one of the nation's leading providers of clean, affordable power serves as inspiration for daily work at TVA. TVA is using DR as a true virtual power plant to fulfill this vision while building on the 12th year of 99.999% reliability. DR provides a win-win opportunity for TVA and its customers. Options exist for customers to lower their electric power bill by providing operational benefits to the TVA system while continuing to receive top-tier reliability.

DR products provide tools for daily system operation, which make them an integral part of TVA's strategic direction for load management. Load management is a key component of the integrated resource plan as a low-cost method for offsetting load growth. DR, along with energy efficiency and wholesale/retail rates, provides TVA the vehicle to achieve its integrated resource plan of clean energy targets and fulfill its vision.

Clay DeLoach ( is the senior manager of operations applications for TVA, where he has worked for 18 years. His team supports all control center software applications used by the Systems Operations Center and the Reliability Operations Centers. This application portfolio consists of more than 100 custom and vendor applications including the Demand Response Management Portal, SCADA and the Advanced Power Applications suite of tools.

Charles E. (Butch) Massey ( is the director of demand-side pricing for TVA and a 32-year veteran of the electric power industry. His experience covers generation, distribution, transmission, demand response and pricing. Massey currently serves on the Association of Demand Response and Smart Grid board of directors and participates in other national organizations.

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