Harness/Body Belt Combination

The Y-style harness/body-belt combination features five dee rings: dorsal, waist, sternum and two work positioning. The U design for the harness neck allows a wider opening, eliminating neck irritation. The user simply steps into the belt, pulls the Y overhead and connects the carabiner to the waist loop rated to 5,000 lbs. The product is also available with four work positioning dees.

Buckingham Manufacturing | www.buckinghammfg.com

Training Series

Global Training Solutions Inc. now offers the Transmission and Distribution Overhead Line Maintenance Training Series online. The program provides a practical solution with 79 Web-delivered transmission and distribution training courses. This series includes 33 distribution overhead line maintenance titles covering topics such as climbing wooden and steel poles; distribution line installation, removal, repair and replacement; troubleshooting; tree trimming; high voltage line work, transmission line installation and repair, hot sticks, line safety and many more. The self-paced and interactive e-Learning series includes award-winning content, crisp audio, stunning graphics and engaging discovery activities, all to stimulate and involve the trainee.

Global Training Solutions | www.globaltrainingsolutions.ca

Bypass Switch

Hubbell's Type BP3 Switch provides an economical means for bypassing and disconnecting a pole-mounted distribution recloser. This permits de-energized periodic maintenance of the recloser without interrupting service. The BP3 Switch accomplishes this with a combination of three disconnect switches mounted on a common base. By operating the blades in proper sequence, the recloser is bypassed and isolated from the distribution system.

Rated at 600 A or 900 A, the BP3 Switch is available in nominal ratings of 14.4-kV to 110-kV lightning impulse withstand (LIW); 25-kV to 125-kV, or 150-kV LIW; and 34.5-kV to 150-kV LIW. All are available with either a right or left opening direction of the bypass blade. The switch is available in both single-phase and three-phase configurations, and is shipped ready for installation.

Hubbell Power Systems | www.hubbellpowersystems.com

Face Shield

Salisbury by Honeywell's new AS2000 is a weight-balancing arc-flash-protection face shield. The shield stows in a balanced, compact position, centered over the top of a standard or full-brim hard hat when not needed. The AS2000 has an ATPV rating of 20 cal/cm2 and uses nanotechnology to provide a clearer, more transparent window for improved visibility.

Salisbury | www.whsalisbury.com

Submersible Switch

G&W Electric Co. introduces the Trident-S with SafeVu technology. The device combines an integral visible break feature with maintenance-free solid dielectric insulation. The design incorporates blade-type switching contacts in series with vacuum interrupters to provide the visible break. The visible break contacts are easily seen through large viewing windows and eliminate the need to remove elbows or use cumbersome linkage systems to provide the visible open. The device is lightweight, compact and fully submersible. It is suitable for any subsurface application such as oil fuse cutout replacement.

G&W Electric Co. | www.gwelec.com

Motor Test Systems

Hipotronics Inc. has relaunched the MTS series, its newly designed low- and high-power motor test systems. These systems are designed to meet testing requirements for a large array of electric motors.

The MTS series features the company's Peschel variable transformers to ensure a rugged and reliable system while still maintaining a minimal footprint. Hipotronics' MTS design also includes the most basic features standard with all units: digital tachometer, digital wattmeter, temperature meter (Type J) and power factor meter. These features are controlled using a 10-inch PLC touchscreen and can be upgraded to included a variety of other measurements, such as a data acquisition system with software, dynamometer metering integration, polarity reversal, RTD temperature, phase balance, impedance supply, core loss supply, vibration analyzer, additional voltage taps and optional series field supply. In addition, the designs reduce initial startup and ownership costs by decreasing the high-voltage cable size required for mains wiring.

Hipotronics | www.hipotronics.com

Hydraulic Tool

BURNDY has designed the Y60LW remote hydraulic tool to install transmission and distribution connectors and sleeves. The Y60LW is designed to be lightweight (43 lb. without stand) and portable for increased maneuverability, and will operate from any 10,000-psi hydraulic source with the proper oil capacity. The Y60LW uses the standard and wide “L” dies designed for copper and aluminum code cables, ACSR and aerial conductor. Featuring a large jaw opening, single acting ram with heavy-duty return spring and removable die cap, the Y60LW provides 60 tons of output force and a five-year limited warranty. Base stand is included.

Burndy | www.burndy.com

Auger Drill

The Terex 800 Auger Drill has torque levels of up to 75,377 ft-lb and the unlimited capability to drill in low gear range, providing improved productivity. With fast cycle times in and out of the hole, this new drill from Terex efficiently generates finished holes as deep as 95 ft and offers operators greater productivity in less time.

Terex Corp. | www.terex.com

Meter Pedestal/Box Pad Combination

Nordic Fiberglass introduces the GS-37-39-MP-MG-22×22 meter pedestal/box pad combination. The fiberglass box pad accommodates single-phase transformers from 25 kVA up to 167 kVA. The box pad can be direct buried up to 9 inches in the ground. The underground raceway allows electrical cables to run from the box pad to the meters (meters not included). Companies can install up to three meter enclosures on the meter plastic pedestal. A large expansive meter pedestal interior makes installing meters easy. Penta-head locking is standard for the pedestal and is pad-lockable ready.

Nordic Fiberglass | www.nordicfiberglass.com