Anaheim, a municipal utility serving approximately 106,000 customer meters, needed a smart metering solution that would enable "remote acquisition" of electric metering data from its commercial and industrial customers, as well as a system that would "provide automatic notification of electric system outages or abnormal system conditions to staff or customers … and provide a platform to deliver value-added products and services to customers." In addition, Anaheim needed a turnkey project that was easily scalable, easy to integrate and cost effective.

After soliciting bids from more than 40 vendors, Anaheim chose SmartSynch and its SmartMeter System, which is an integrated, end-to-end solution that combines SmartMeters™, transaction management software, an advanced communication network and the Internet to manage the real-time, two-way delivery of critical usage data, power quality and reliability information between utilities, retail energy service providers, and commercial and industrial customers. Key decision factors for Anaheim were the scalability, real-time connectivity, wireless coverage and power quality functionality of the SmartMeter System, as well as its ease of integration and cost effectiveness.

"SmartSynch clearly met all of our needs," said Bonnie Woodson, Technology Development Manager for Anaheim Public Utilities. "We had very specific objectives with our Advanced Metering Communication System which translated into very specific vendor and product requirements—all of which the SmartMeter System from SmartSynch offered, and more. SmartSynch is going to have a tremendous impact not only on our ability to access real-time metering data, but on our ability to service our customers better and eventually provide them with additional value-added products and services. It's going to be a great partnership."