Composite Technology Corporation (CTC), Irvine, California, U.S., has signed a letter agreement with Aquila, Inc. for testing of its proprietary aluminum conductor composite core (ACCC) cable on a segment of Aquila’s transmission system. CTC will provide ACCC cable and hardware; Aquila will install CTC’s products on a designated portion of its transmission system and will operate and monitor the line.

Composite Technology’s CEO, Benton Wilcoxon, stated, “We are very pleased to be able to demonstrate our new conductor within Aquila’s live service environment and are confident that this is only the beginning of additional projects with Aquila as well as other transmission operators.” Further Wilcoxon said, “We believe that our ACCC cable is the only elegant solution to resolve the problems of expanding power capacity in a grid system, since it is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology.”

Aquila’s manager of transmission services, Carl Huslig, stated, “We are very excited about providing a site for testing CTC’s conductor. This project has been in the planning stages for some time and we are pleased that we now have the opportunity to move ahead with what we believe will be a successful relationship. Based on our evaluation of the CTC conductor, we believe that it has the capability to provide benefits to Aquila and transmission grids throughout the world.”

Aquila, based in Kansas City, Missouri, operates electricity and natural gas distribution networks serving 1.3 million customers in seven states.