POWER Engineers, Inc. (POWER; Hailey, Idaho, U.S.), a provider of engineering services for electric transmission and distribution systems, will assist Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE; San Jose, Costa Rica) with an extensive, multi-year transmission system upgrade. The general services contract is expected to span up to eight years and involve roughly 1,000 miles of transmission lines. The scope includes services for the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of the country’s electric and telecommunications systems.

ICE projects that electricity demand in Costa Rica will increase by 5.7% annually through 2020. The country recently embarked on an aggressive plan of investment in power generation and transmission capacity to meet the demand.

A key component of the contract is a technology transfer program in which POWER Engineers will develop design, maintenance and operations systems for the utility and train ICE staff in their use. In addition, ICE staff will work alongside POWER Engineers staff on specific projects to gain knowledge and experience.

Services anticipated under the contract include project management, geographic information system (GIS) needs assessment and implementation, transmission line siting, environmental studies, transmission line standards review, preliminary and detailed transmission line design, development of a transmission line system model, fiber optic system feasibility study and cable selection. POWER will train ICE staff in GIS, transmission line design, system maintenance and software operation.

In addition, POWER may assist in developing a maintenance management program using TAMISä (Transmission Asset Management Information System) as the implementation tool. TAMIS is a software application developed by POWER Engineers and Public Service Company of New Mexico specifically for utility transmission management.