Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. has announced its plan to debut Storm Soldiers, the highly anticipated documentary about the life and work of journeyman linemen. HPS partnered with Tytan Creates in 2011 to film and produce the movie that tells a heroic, true story of linemen with a focus on safety, family and brotherhood. The project commenced in the fall of 2011 during Hurricane Irene restoration efforts, wrapped in March 2013, and included hundreds of interviews.

“The response from the lineman community has been overwhelming. Everyone we’ve contacted has been gracious enough to support the project. Although the film contains over 90% new and original footage shot by the TYTAN Creates crew, the film also includes contributions, including photos and film footage of lineman doing their jobs and heart-wrenching stories of love and loss. We are proud to raise awareness about the importance of the work they do and grateful for the opportunity to bring their collective story to a national audience,” said Crystal Mistretta, Brand and Advertising Manager for HPS, and Storm Soldiers Executive Producer.

Throughout the process, HPS and Tytan consulted with Mike Glueckert and Dustin Maier, Journeyman Linemen at Northwestern Energy to ensure technical accuracy. Glueckert, who was inducted to the National Lineman Museum’s Hall of Fame in 2012, is a 30-year veteran lineman, and highly respected among his peers. After reviewing the final edits, Glueckert said, “This film is long overdue. It will be watched by linemen and their families for the next 80 years."

In addition to the tour dates scheduled over the next 12 months, Storm Soldiers will be entered into several film festivals across the country on behalf of Tytan Creates, and showcased at a variety of events specific to the power utility industry.