American Transmission Co. officials applaud the Douglas County Board for its vote last week granting ATC permission to build part of the Arrowhead-Weston power line on county-owned property.

“This is an important day for the people of Wisconsin,” said Mark Williamson, vice president of major projects for ATC. “With its vote to grant an easement, Douglas County has shown that local units of government can work cooperatively to help the state meet its electricity needs.”

The board voted 18-6 to allow ATC to build the Arrowhead-Weston Project on about 13 miles of county-owned land, of which about 10.5 miles already hosts a transmission line. Williamson said the decision to grant ATC access is a winning situation for all people of Douglas County.

“The county will receive millions of dollars of impact payments, additional private landowners will not be asked for the use of their land, and most importantly, the reliability of the area’s electrical power grid will be dramatically improved, paving the way for economic growth,” Williamson said.

The Arrowhead-Weston project is being constructed on nearly 80% existing rights-of-way (transmission lines, gas pipelines, railroads or highways) and will run from Wausau to Duluth. Construction has begun in Wisconsin and is nearly complete in Minnesota. The line will be in service June of 2008.