Duke Power with the support of contractors and electric employees from 15 different states have made significant progress by restoring electric service to more than 765,000 customers that were affected by the worst storm in Duke Power history.

More than 1.3 million customers lost service during the ice storm that began on Tuesday. The company projects 90 percent of the outages will be restored by midnight Wednesday, Dec. 11. Restoration may be longer for customers with individual service or equipment problems.

"We continue to work steadily and safely towards full restoration and are proud of the significant progress made today," said E.O. Ferrell, senior vice president of electric distribution for Duke Power. "We recognize the enormous task put before us and believe that our crews have responded well."

Duke Power does ask that all customers who still need to have their power restored to remain patient as crews work diligently and safely.

Earlier today an out-of-state utility worker was killed following a vehicular accident on U.S. 321 near Gastonia. "We are extremely saddened by the loss of life, and Duke Power expresses its condolences to the utility worker's family," Ferrell said.

Duke Power continues to work on getting the larger, feeder lines restored. These restorations are necessary before neighborhoods and individual services can be addressed.