The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) are pleased to announce that the 2002 On-Line Demand Response Benchmarking System is ready to receive data from interested parties. For companies or entities that operate demand response programs, there is no cost to participate.

The purpose of this streamlined system is to allow program managers to compare and contrast their programs with those of other companies. Ideally, this will help provide valuable program effectiveness feedback for those who operate or consider operating demand response programs.

The survey has been further streamlined and upgraded for 2002, based on user feedback. As with previous surveys, participants are provided codes to protect their privacy.

The web site,, provides information on how to register for the on-line system. Access to this system is restricted to companies or entities that run demand response programs, such as investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, rural electric cooperatives, ISO's/RTO's, state/federal utilities, and energy services companies. In order to access the on-line data, an entity must submit 2002 program data.

We believe this system will provide value for your company. If you have any questions or comments, the EEI contact is Steve Rosenstock. Steve can be reached by phone at 202-508-5465, or by e-mail at The PLMA contact is Elliot Boardman, who can be reached by phone at 561-575-1788 or by e-mail at