More than 94% of Florida Power & Light Company customers impacted by Hurricane Wilma have received electric service back as of this morning. The company remains on track for 95% of its customers being restored by tomorrow.

Restoration is expected to be essentially complete in Palm Beach County later today. FPL asks customers in that area to call 1-800-4OUTAGE if they are still without power. Restoration workers will remain in the area to manage any localized service problems. The restoration will continue to converge on the remaining hard hit areas in Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

In some cases, customers may ask why their neighbors across the street have power but they don't; it may be that their neighbor is on a different power line. In that case, FPL crews will make the needed repairs as they work their way down the wire. If their neighbors on the same side of the street have power but they don't, then they may all be on the same power line, and the following steps are recommended: Reset circuit breakers by actually switching each breaker OFF and then back to the ON position. Next, check the home's connection to FPL by looking at the meter, the box that holds it, and connected pipes and wires on the wall of the building. If the meter box, pipe or wires are bent or broken, repairs may be needed before FPL can restore power. If it looks damaged, the customer should contact a licensed electrician and avoid touching damaged equipment. If the meter itself is damaged, FPL crews will replace it when they arrive in the area. If these steps don't identify the problem, then the transformer or line serving the building needs to be repaired by FPL. Crews will make the needed repairs as they work their way down the wire towards that customer.

Many FPL customers will receive an estimated bill this month, as some meter readers are assisting with the restoration effort. Restoring power is the top priority, and nearly every FPL employee is involved. The company takes care to make sure customers are only billed for the electricity they actually use, including taking account of the days they were without power. Any difference between the estimate and a customer's actual use will be adjusted automatically - when FPL reads that meter again.