Florida Power & Light Company has announced the selection of the preferred route of the third segment of a new west-to-east transmission line to serve the growing electric needs of homes and businesses in Palm Beach County, Florida. The route’s third segment starts at a transmission corridor west of SR 7 north of the Boynton Canal and ending at the Germantown Substation just east of I-95 in Del Ray Beach. Construction of this last segment of the line is planned to start in January 2006.

“This project reflects the results of a working partnership between FPL and its customers. Customers understand the importance of reliable power and provided input on how to best reach a compromise that benefits everyone,” said Tony Newbold, external affairs manager for FPL. “In Palm Beach County we continue to see more houses being built and more commercial structures being developed. That growth brings a higher usage of electricity and requires the expansion of the electrical infrastructure to ensure reliable service for everyone.”

The new west-to-east transmission line will bring power from the western part of the county to the eastern area and will provide ample power to homes and businesses located along the route. In March 2005, FPL started construction of the first segment of the transmission line near the vicinity of the Village of Wellington. The route’s second segment started construction in August 2005 at an existing FPL substation located on 10th Street just east of I-95 in Delray Beach ending at another existing substation located just east of Congress Avenue and north of Clint Moore Road in Boca Raton.

FPL took into consideration customers’ suggestions, environmental impacts, community interests and cost factors. As part of determining the preferred route for the segments, FPL conducted environmental impact research, engineering studies and reviewed information provided by the residents and businesses through:

  • Meetings with neighborhood associations and community leaders
  • Meetings with local government staff and elected officials
  • Community meetings held at locations within the project study area at which residents provided direct input E-mail messages, letters and phone calls

In the last decade, Palm Beach County has seen an increase in population of about 30%, and the number of FPL customer accounts has grown from 487,000 in 1990 to more than 650,000. In addition to the population growth, FPL’s system is also experiencing an increase in electricity usage, reflecting a 20% increase in the average home size in FPL’s service area.