The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) this week approved a settlement agreement dealing with Detroit Edison Company’s electric service restoration shortcomings. The settlement agreement follows an investigation by the MPSC into residential electric shut-offs that took place between Oct. 28, 2005, and March 14, 2006, that were not restored in accordance with MPSC rules.

The settlement agreement directs Detroit Edison to:

  • Bring its service restoration process into compliance with applicable commission rules, and by Sept. 1, file a plan with the commission identifying the actions it has taken to improve its operating practices and procedures to restore service in accordance with MPSC rules.
  • Submit monthly reports, for 24 months, to the commission staff identifying its progress in meeting service restoration standards contained in the commission’s Consumer Standards and Billing Practices for Electric and Gas Residential Service.
  • File a plan with the commission by Sept. 1 to assist its customers in obtaining assistance to avoid service shut-off, including specific initiatives to increase the enrollment of customers eligible to participate in the commission’s Winter Protection Plan.
  • Pay a fine of $105,000, in accordance with Michigan law.

The MPSC on March 14 issued an order directing Detroit Edison to file testimony regarding a residential shut-off that took place in Detroit in early March. It also directed the company to identify every instance of a residential electric shut-off between Oct. 28, 2005, and March 14, 2006, that was not restored by the first working day after the customer's request, in cases where the cause of the shut-off was cured or satisfactory credit arrangements had been made.

In its filed testimony, Detroit Edison noted that approximately 350 restorations were delayed between the above mentioned dates.

The fine issued levies the maximum amount allowed by law -- $300 per instance.

The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Labor & Economic Growth.