Three of the electric industry's premiere providers of software and technology solutions today announced the creation of a new holding company that will combine Milsoft Integrated Solutions, PORCHE Systems and Origin Technologies. Milsoft Utility Solutions, the new holding company, will provide fully integrated software to serve the entire spectrum of electric utility requirements effectively automating utility operations from engineering to customer service. Wayne Carr, who will be President of the new company said, "We realized that in order to respond to the increasing requirements of the electric industry, we needed to fully integrate our technologies and staffs to create new software architecture that will revolutionize the way we serve the industry."

In 2001, the three companies committed to jointly developing a fully integrated version of their respective software to respond to industry demands for a quality single software solution for utility operation and engineering. Through this process, the companies discovered that the combined creativity and skills of their development staffs was, to quote an old axiom, much greater than the sum of the parts. Different orientations and skills were brought to the fore and better solutions resulted. Further, the companies shared common business philosophies - that client service and support had to be the #1 priority.

Milsoft Utility Solutions will retain the corporate organizations to be combined. Wayne Carr will manage the new holding company and direction of its subsidiaries while, Mike Sanders continues to manage the day-to-day operations of PORCHE Systems. Greg Fox will continue to lead the Origin Technologies operation. The engineering & consulting business of Power Delivery Associates will remain outside of the holding company and operate independently.

Milsoft Integrated Systems, with over 800 clients, offers its popular WindMil(r) software and the new DisSPatch-OMS. PORCHE Systems, with over 150 clients, offers the PORCHE Outage IVR Response System as well as crew assembly and call-out systems, remote power monitoring and customer service solutions through its Telelink System. The Origin Technologies' Origin is a utility - AM/FM/GIS based on ESRI's ArcGIS technology and is currently being used by over 25 clients and Origin's upcoming staking and design system is slated for early next year.

Commenting on Milsoft Utility Solutions, Mike Sanders said, "Together, we offer a family of products recognized in the industry as the 'best of breed' in each of their categories. More importantly, together we will pioneer a whole new paradigm of software solutions for the challenges facing the electric industry in the 21st Century." He added, "I haven't been this excited since we sold our first system almost 15 years ago."

Greg Fox is also looking forward to the combined operation. "The industry is looking for such a company with the leadership, reputation and quality of products that have never before been offered." He said, "I find my self believing that we have only just begun to capitalize on our joint strengths," adding that "the collaborative pool of talent created through this merger will undoubtedly bring innovation after innovation to the marketplace."

Milsoft Utility Solutions will formally begin joint operations on January 1, 2003, but the three companies and their employees are already heavily involved in combining resources and operations.