The North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) released its 2005 Summer Assessment today, which provides an assessment of projected electricity supply and demand in North America for the upcoming summer season.

“NERC expects generating resources to be adequate to meet projected demand for electricity in North America this summer,” said Michehl R. Gent, NERC president and CEO. “If all operating entities comply with NERC reliability standards, even under extreme conditions, the system can be operated reliably,” he added.

The assessment states that transmission systems are expected to perform reliably, although transmission congestion is expected to occur in some areas of North America this summer. Fuel supplies, inventories, and deliveries are also expected to be adequate. Even in areas where resources are expected to be adequate to serve all customer demand, unanticipated equipment problems and extremely hot weather can combine to produce situations in which demands temporarily exceed available generation and transmission capacity. In some local areas noted in the report, system operators may need to implement controlled demand reductions to maintain the constant balance between supply and demand needed to ensure overall bulk electric system reliability.

The 2005 peak demand for electricity is projected to increase 5.9% in total compared to the actual 2004 noncoincident summer peak, although projected demand growth varies widely among the regions.

To download the report, go to: The NERC website also includes information about reliability standards, publications, technical committees, and related programs and activities.