Osmose (Buffalo, New York, U.S.) provides predictive and preventative maintenance services for distribution and transmission systems, including field data-collection supporting GIS, joint use, and reliability initiatives. Coherent Networks (East Syracuse, New York, U.S.) developed software to capture and enhance network data and to deliver high-quality information to a wide range of electric and gas utility target systems. The combination of the companies provides the utility industry solutions to connect physical network asset data with the systems that are used to improve network monitoring and management.

Osmose's services are designed to reduce costs and manage risks associated with T&D systems. Coherent's FastGate software is designed to lower costs for data development, data migration, and data maintenance, while improving the performance of outage management, engineering analysis, and other utility systems that require high-quality data. The direct benefit to utilities is faster implementation of operations support systems, improved performance, and more practical and affordable data-migration projects.

The use of configurable FastGate Mobile software to capture network data in the field allows changes and additions to be made directly to source GIS data loaded on a handheld device. The updated source data can then be enhanced and validated using the automated tools of the parent FastGate software. The end result is a sharp increase in the efficiency and precision of a data-collection process and a parallel increase in the accuracy and completeness of the captured data. These improvements improve the quality of data collected in the field, including joint use status, pole condition, customer-to-transformer connections, and circuit data.

To learn more, visit http://www.osmose.com/utilities.