Believing that few investments offer better returns than building a healthy environment, Entergy Corporation recently became the catalyst for converting a one-mile stretch of its transmission line right-of-way from tall trees to low-growing plant cover.

Entergy, an integrated energy company headquartered in New Orleans, delivers electricity to 2.6 million utility customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

In the Sherburne Wildlife Management Area in central Louisiana, Entergy saw the opportunity to manage the right-of-way along a portion of one of its high-voltage lines in a way that would create a habitat for native and migratory wildlife. To turn this goal into a reality, Entergy issued a US$10,000 Environmental Stewardship Grant and began a partnership with Louisiana's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the National Wild Turkey Federation, Baton Rouge Tree Service, and Chemspray South Inc.

In addition to creating a habitat for wildlife, Entergy has also given visitors each year the chance to enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, wildlife photography, target shooting, and study nature. The cost to maintain the ecologically productive low-growing vegetation for Entergy is a fraction of the cost of cutting tall trees every four to six years.