Paul Griffin enjoys diagnostics. As vice president of consulting and testing services at Doble Engineering Co., he has learned to get as much data as he can, assess the accuracy, and evaluate. “Let the data lead you to the correct answers,” Griffin said.

With 35 years in the power industry, Griffin has seen many transformer problems and the tests used to detect them. Since he started his career in the Doble Materials Laboratory, he has gained hands-on experience performing and evaluating these tests.

Now he uses that experience to share his knowledge with the collective community. Griffin will present at the 2015 Life of a Transformer Seminar on Feb. 9-13 in San Antonio, Texas. He will lead a focus group on Transformer Fleet Health Assessment & Condition Based Monitoring. He is also teaching at the Lab Seminar on Feb. 13, which covers Transformer Condition Assessment Using Laboratory Diagnostics. This day-long laboratory diagnostics seminar is for substation engineers, plant engineers, chemists and equipment reliability specialists who review oil analysis data to assess transformer condition. Learn to identify and assess rapidly emerging transformer conditions with dissolved gas analysis, oil quality analysis and other diagnostic tools. This interactive seminar combines theoretical background with practical experience and hands-on examples, using case studies to illustrate common problems found in the field.

“Laboratory testing of insulating liquids and solid materials provides a wealth of information on the condition of transformers and tap changers.  Tests results are used to assess the condition of the materials, the health of the transformer and an evaluation of long-term aging," Griffin said. "Without this information it would be much more difficult to provide a risk assessment of this critical asset.  This presentation provides the tests used for the evaluation of the data and how to use it to piecing together the 'story' for a transformer.”

Griffin has presented many sessions including laboratory diagnostics and condition assessment. He teaches several courses including Transformer Insulating Fluids, Asset Health Review and Transformer Assessment using Laboratory Diagnostics.

He almost stumbled upon his love for diagnostics and for Doble. After he received his B.S. at the American International College and M.S. from the University of Rhode Island, he thought he would try Doble for a year, “The next thing you know, 34 years have gone by,” he said. “Doble is a great company to work for because of the unique relationships we have with our customers.”

In 35 years, Griffin has held various positions including Laboratory Manager and Vice President of Laboratory Services. Griffin has published more than 50 technical papers pertaining to testing of electrical insulating materials and electric apparatus diagnostics. He is a Fellow of ASTM and a member of Committee D-27 on Electrical Insulating Liquids and Gases. He was formerly ASTM Subcommittee Chairman on Physical Test, ASTM Section Chairman on Gases in Oil, and the Technical Advisor to the U.S. National Committee for participation in the International Electrotechnical Commission, Technical Committee 10, Fluids for Electrotechnical Applications. Griffin is a member of the IEEE Insulating Fluids Subcommittee of the Transformer Committee.

In his bit of spare time, he enjoys playing tennis and spending time with family.