Q: Many industry consultants and suppliers tell us there will be more distributed energy resources in the future and some claim that renewables will be the predominant source of new generation.  Whether we agree with these predictions or not, it is our duty to make sure we are informed about alternative energy resources so we can weigh in on the planning and decision making going forward.  Think you are ready?  Here are some challenging, somewhat technical questions to find out.  Three are false and one is true.  Provide a short explanation of the true statement.

  1. Wind and solar generators are exempt from supplying reactive power to the grid.
  2. Newer wind turbine technologies, like doubly fed induction wind generators, ensure wind farms meet grid voltage control requirements.
  3. When a wind generator is required to produce at a power factor of 0.93 as an example, he is still paid for the rated output of the plant
  4. Utility scale solar inverters on the market today can match grid voltage and at the same time independently change their power factor.

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