A dozen companies collaborating to validate consumer smart grid technologies. Nearly 800 organizations driving the completion of priority smart grid standards. A White House-driven initiative empowering 31 million homes and businesses with standardized energy data in 2012.

What do these initiatives have in common? Each will be recognized for significant smart grid achievements at the annual GridWeek, Oct. 2-4, 2012, in Washington, DC. Selected by the 12-member GridWeek Advisory Board, efforts include:

  • Pecan Street -- "Extracting Value": Pecan Street brought together the University of Texas at Austin, Environmental Defense Fund, Austin Energy and more than a dozen companies to help validate a range of smart grid technologies, business models, and customer behavior surrounding advanced energy-management systems. Pecan Street provides a model for seamlessly tackling -- and deriving value from -- complex smart grid challenges through a consumer demonstration project in 450 homes within the Mueller community of Austin, Texas.
  • Smart Grid Interoperability Panel -- "Taming Complexity": SGIP has conquered complexity to achieve results and drive the progress of industry standards through collaboration and hard work. Since 2009, SGIP has engaged stakeholders from the entire smart grid community -- including a total of 783 organizations -- in a participatory public process to identify applicable standards, gaps in available standards, and priorities for new standardization activities.
  • Green Button -- "Smart Policy": Following an industry challenge at GridWeek 2011, Green Button has quickly become a nation-wide effort -- with utilities and retail electric suppliers committing to providing "Green Button Download My Data" capabilities to over 31 million homes and businesses in 2012, and with more automated "Green Button Connect My Data" capabilities in development. Green Button is a prime example of how smart policy and public-private collaboration can help pave the way for smart grid's future.