Varentec has announced its product ENGO for electricity grid control and monitoring at the DistribuTECH conference and exhibition in San Diego. ENGO, which stands for Edge of Network Grid Optimization, delivers accurate control of grid voltage, and at the same time provides distribution line monitoring, power quality alerts and grid analytics, all in one solution.

Visibility to what is happening on the grid and precise control provides multiple benefits to utilities, including: improved integration of renewable energy, improved system reliability, energy conservation, and reduced peak demand events.

Varentec's ENGO solution features fast responding devices that are deployed along the length of a distribution line, placing the right amount of control, at the right place, acting at the right time. ENGO is capable of responding quickly and frequently to voltage fluctuations that can be put on the grid by intermittent renewable energy sources or dynamic industrial loads. The same ENGO hardware units contain low cost sensing and wireless communication modules that can take advantage of a utility's existing networks, or operate in a stand-alone configuration.

The unique features of ENGO give a utility customer full visibility to grid voltage and power quality, and also provide dynamic, automated and fast control at each and every installed node.