Through the Advanced Meter Fort Collins project, Fort Collins Utilities is upgrading mechanical electric and water meters in homes, schools and businesses throughout the community with electronic devices that will enable two-way digital communication between the meter and the utility. Benefits:

  • provide more timely customer service solutions
  • prepare Fort Collins Utilities and the community for the future
  • use information to maintain high system reliability
  • make utility operations even more cost-effective

Installation began in March 2012 and is nearly complete with over 95% of meters installed. We are now completing the remaining installations at various locations throughout the community.

Fort Collins Utilities was the recipient of a federal grant, which provides half of the funding for this project.

Schedule & Logistics

In 2012, Fort Collins Utilities began Phase I of the installation of improved digital electric and water meters. Phase II of the installation process began September 2012.

Schedule & Logistics of Fort Collins, CO AMI