Two Con Edison employees helped to save a construction worker who was buried alive in a trench cave-in on March 2. FDNY and emergency services personnel called for the Con Edison vactor truck to help remove dirt and debris in the wake of the cave-in.

A vactor truck is a vacuum cleaner on wheels about the size of a city sanitation truck. It's used to clean underground equipment, like manholes and vaults.

Shortly after 11 a.m. on March 2, the company was called to a cave-in at East 122 Street and Park Avenue. Con Edison Supervisor Richard Valenzuela, and Operations Mechanic A, Christopher Legree, and Mechanic A, Jamal Lakins, rushed to the construction site.

Legree and Lakins, who have 31 years and 12 years on the job with Con Edison, respectively, were on the first of two Con Edison vac trucks that responded, and were involved with the rescue.

The worker was extricated from the trench successfully by FDNY and emergency services personnel and taken to a hospital.