Following four days of 12- to 16-hour, around-the-clock shifts, PECO crews had restored service yesterday to nearly all customers affected by the weekend’s unseasonable wintery weather. Crews were focused on the final repairs to restore service to any remaining customers by by last night.

Ranking as the worst October storm in PECO history, wet snow and strong winds damaged trees and electrical equipment and interrupted electric service to more than 300,000 PECO customers. In total the storm caused power outages for more than 3.8 million along the East Coast – with 1.4 million remaining without service.

“We never lose sight of the fact that we have customers who our counting on us to get the lights back on,” said Mike Innocenzo, PECO vice president and Emergency Response Director. “All of us are keenly aware of how inconvenient it is to be without electricity, especially for a long period of time. And we are so thankful to our customers for their patience and understanding while we worked so hard.”

More than 3,000 PECO employees and contractors, from as far away as Illinois, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, and Georgia, worked tirelessly to repair damage and restore service to customers.