With plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) becoming more common on the road today, the Edison Electric Institute has produced a guidebook to help electric utilities and their customers benefit from this innovative electric technology.

The Utility Guide to Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness serves as a road map to help electric utilities save time and money as they prepare to support PEVs. The guide focuses on four areas that every electric utility will need to address to ensure they are ready for PEVs to plug into their service area:

  • Actions that your company can take to get ready
  • How you can help your customers get ready
  • Allies whose help you will need
  • How to make sure that your company and your customers are ready to charge PEVs.

In large part, the guide draws on what electric utilities have done in each of these areas to prepare for PEVs. The guide also presents the advice and input of several EEI member companies and transportation industry leaders. However, the guide is not intended to advocate for a specific plan or uniform position for all electric utilities. Rather, it discusses relevant issues, offers examples from industry peers, and lists alternatives for utilities to consider in developing PEV readiness plans to fit their specific situation.

Edison Electric Institute | www.eei.org