Entergy Arkansas, Inc. crews were on their way to Louisiana to restore power following the impact of Hurricane Gustav on the Louisiana Gulf Coast Monday.

Some 547 Entergy Arkansas linemen, contract linemen and tree trimmers, plus support personnel from all across the state, left this morning to perform hurricane restoration. The Entergy Arkansas crews will arrive in West Monroe, Louisiana, Monday night, and then will be dispatched to various Louisiana areas depending on where they are needed most.

Entergy continues assembling a team of 9,000 restoration workers, plus additional support, to respond to Hurricane Gustav. More workers could be secured, depending on the magnitude and location of damage, which will affect whether other utility companies and contractors are able to release workers to come to Entergy’s aid.

“Our hearts go out to our neighbors along the Louisiana coast affected by Gustav, and we’re certainly glad to help do our part in returning some level of normalcy to their lives by restoring electrical service,” said Brady Aldy, director of distribution operations for Entergy Arkansas. “Entergy Louisiana and other sister utility companies have come to our rescue multiple times during this year’s unusually weather season. It’s the benefit of being part of a larger team.

“We appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers back home as we work to meet both the critical needs of our neighbors and the everyday needs of our customers here in Arkansas.

The Entergy Arkansas crews are drawn from work groups across the state, leaving enough personnel in Arkansas to manage routine day-to-day workload. If the remnants of Gustav should cause extensive power outages in Arkansas, crews will be directed back to Arkansas to restore power.