Air2 (Timonium, Maryland, U.S.) deployed an emergency-response team to Entergy's Arkansas grid to help restore electrical service to those affected by the recent ice storms.

The team included a KMAX 6000-lb (2721-kg) lift helicopter, a MD500 helicopter and an eight-man crew with specialized support vehicles and equipment. The KMAX was used to remove toppled trees from power lines; the MD500 and crew were used inspect ice damage, repair severely damaged shield wire and string new lines. The team has been on site since Jan. 30 working in cold and icy conditions.

Air2 combines helicopter airborne access with its highly trained line crews to construct and maintain reliable power grids. Air2 has helicopters and crews located throughout the United States that can be mobilized quickly to assist in emergency situations.

Air2 has assisted the utility industry in hurricane response, ice damage and fire recovery, and is the recipient of the 2005 Igor Sikorsky Award for Humanitarian Service following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The company is also the recipient of the Entergy Mutual Assistance Partner Recognition for hurricane-recovery work for Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.