Hydro One is investing more than $4 million to improve service reliability to customers in Orleans, Navan and Greely in Ontario. Crews are upgrading mechanical equipment, installing new poles and wires and increasing line capacity to accommodate local growth.

"This project is part of an ongoing program to continually assess the condition of our power delivery system and make significant upgrades to improve overall reliability," said John Durant, customer operations manager, Hydro One Winchester area. "The work is a reflection of Hydro One's commitment to investing in its system and providing a high level of service for our customers in the Ottawa area and across the province."

Upgrades and replacements started in December 2007 and the final stages of this project are scheduled for completion in early 2009. Crews have finished work in Orleans and Navan including installing a new feeder on Innes Road and replacing mechanical equipment at a Hydro One station on Trim Road. The remaining work is in Greely and includes building a new line between John Quinn Road and Parkway Road and installing new poles and wires.