ITC Holdings Corp. has sent emergency field crews from its Michigan and Iowa operations to Louisiana to assist with power restoration efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav. The Gulf Coast storm, which hit Monday, has left more than 1.9 million residents in Louisiana without electricity. More than 90,000 households in neighboring Mississippi are also without power.

ITC subsidiaries ITCTransmission, Michigan Electric Transmission Co. (METC) and ITC Midwest have sent 37 linemen from MJ Electric to work on transmission restoration in Louisiana. The crews, normally stationed in Michigan and Iowa, will spend up to two weeks in the Gulf state working on line and station repairs.

"ITC is an active participant in utility mutual assistance in the Midwest. We take pride in assisting in emergency relief efforts outside our service territories as a critical contribution to national security and well being," said Jon E. Jipping, executive vice president and COO, ITC. "The faster storm-ravaged communities can be reconnected to the electric grid, the faster their residents can return to normalcy.

"Anyone who has lost power on even a momentary basis understands how essential electricity is in day-to-day life," Jipping said. "We are proud to be part of the national effort to help restore essential services to the storm-battered Gulf Coast."