OG&E is helping restore power to thousands of American Electric Power customers following a storm Saturday, June 30, that left millions without power. More than 140 OG&E linemen and contractors are assisting with the effort.

"Our linemen are nationally recognized for their assistance during outages like this," said Mike Mathews, vice president, power delivery operations. "Our employees are always ready and willing to help others in a time of need. They are working safely to get power back to the citizens affected by the storms, and they will continue until the job is done."

Crews left Sunday, July 1 to begin work in Indiana. The linemen worked through the week to help restore power to the 118,000 AEP customers affected by the storm. Once all customers were restored to power, AEP requested OG&E report to Charleston, W.Va. Saturday, July 7, to continue restoration assistance to the 57,000 customers still without power.

"We'll keep moving east until the job is through," said Rick Berg, supervisor construction services, power delivery. "Our crews are doing a remarkable job. AEP has been very impressed with the team's safety practices, positive attitudes and dedication to restoring power."

The linemen could be released from West Virginia to return home at the end of this week, Berg said.