ABB will design and install an advanced direct-current (DC) power distribution system for, an information and communications technology service provider in Switzerland.

DC technology trims power conversion losses and is 10% to 20% more energy efficient than traditional alternating-current technology for electrical distribution in data centers. DC systems are also less complex and require less space, reducing equipment, installation, real estate and maintenance costs.

ABB will install a fully redundant 1-MW DC power distribution solution for the 1,500-sq m (16,146-sq ft) expansion of the existing 3,300-sq m (35,520-sq ft) data center. It will be designed and engineered to's stringent ecological standards by Validus DC Systems, an ABB company. The order includes a service-level agreement, and the expansion is scheduled to begin commercial operation in the first quarter of 2012.

Located in Lupfig, in north-central Switzerland, the data center provides customers with secure storage and data management capabilities. The data center has been selected as ABB's demonstration site for its new DC technology.

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