The Alberta Energy Utilities Board, (AEUB), concluded its hearing regarding the MATL transmission line project last week on Nov. 21, 2007. Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. is developing the 300 MW transmission line to interconnect the electricity markets of Alberta and the United States between Lethbridge, Alberta and Great Falls, Montana.

The hearing commenced Oct. 31, 2007, and was convened to consider three separate applications that were all part of the MATL project. They included:

  • MATL's Facility Application for a permit to construct and license to operate a transmission line.
  • AltaLink's Facility Application for a permit to construct and license to operate facilities to interconnect the MATL project to the Alberta Interconnected Electrical System.
  • The Alberta Electricity System Operator's, (AESO), Needs Identification Document that sets out the analysis and mitigation that MATL will be required to undertake to interconnect its transmission line to the Alberta Interconnected Electricity System in a way that ensures that there is no resulting harm or degradation of reliability to the system.

To review the applications before it, the AEUB introduced at the hearings commencement a completely fresh and independent panel that included John Curran Esq. (presiding member), Donna Tingley, (panel member) and Jim Turner (panel member). The panel was advised by Bill Kennedy as AUEB Counsel.

Debate throughout the hearing was civil with the panel seeking out and reviewing information and views from all participants. In doing so, all interveners' and interested parties were afforded a voice. Ultimately every attempt was made to ensure that this hearing was a thoroughly transparent and open process.

In his closing remarks the Presiding Member John Curran stated, " the quality and level of advocacy that this panel has received has been extremely high." He also remarked that, "We have good evidence, a great record."

Tonbridge Power Inc. sees the orderly conclusion of these hearings as the hallmark of a sound regulatory process and looks forward to receiving the board's decision.

Tonbridge Power Inc. is a Toronto-based developer of electrical transmission assets, whose principle asset is a 100% interest in Montana Alberta Tie Ltd.