Ventyx has announced availability of EV Transmission, a new analytical tool that provides mission-critical data to help traders and analysts more quickly analyze and understand the role that transmission plays in North American power markets. Offered as an online subscription service, EV Transmission brings transmission flow and outage data to the Ventyx Velocity Suite of market intelligence solutions. It has already attracted significant interest, and several clients including the American Transmission Co. (ATC), Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) and a major regulatory agency have already subscribed.

“This offering closes a significant ‘blind spot’ for traders, transmission developers, regulators, utilities and generators seeking to understand how transmission congestion affects wholesale power transactions,” said Will Dailey, vice president Energy Portfolio Management, Ventyx. “These firms previously would have had to compile these data manually in an ad hoc fashion. With EV Transmission, they have access to a rich data archive, heavily proofed and uniformly presented in an easily understandable graphical interface—along with powerful analytical tools—to help them make critical decisions more quickly and more accurately.”

EV Transmission is a new module in the comprehensive Velocity Suite energy market data service offering from Ventyx. It provides transmission market data from across the United States to traders, planners and analysts for analyzing how transmission flow and outage data may impact market prices. EV Transmission is the first product of its kind to enable the centralization and visualization of huge amounts of data in an easy-to-view series of graphical interfaces and maps. For example, EV Transmission can show time-series data on a map to indicate how flows react to an event such as a hurricane or a power plant outage and how that in turn has impacted prices.

American Transmission Co. will use the tool to support business development and communication with its stakeholders. In addition, the Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure business unit of SAIC and one of the major regulatory agencies have also subscribed to the module. EV Transmission complements other Velocity Suite modules covering the power industry. They are the sector’s leading source for data and research on market price and load, utility rates and financials, new power plant development and wholesale power transactions.