China Southern Power Grid Co. Ltd has placed a $63 million order for the installation and commission of a 800 kV ultrahigh-voltage direct current transformers for a converter station that will form part of the Nuozhadu-Guangdong transmission system.

China Southern Power Grid is one of two leading state-owned utilities in China responsible for building and operating the power grid in the southern part of the country.

The 800 kV UHVDC transformer, which will be provided by ABB, is a key component of ultrahigh-voltage power links that deliver large amounts of electricity over long distances. There are many challenges involved in building such transformers – for instance, increasing the technical specifications of the transformer’s insulation, and redesigning critical components like bushings.

UHVDC technology enables more efficient use of renewable energy sources, reduces dependency on fossil fuels and helps cut carbon dioxide emissions. It is particularly suitable for large countries like China, where the centers of power consumption are often far from power sources.