Nebraska Public Power District will begin construction of a new 69,000-V (subtransmission) power line in and near York today. The new line will run between NPPD’s Southwest Substation, located southwest of York near the intersection of county roads “K” and “11,” and a point in York where the new line will connect to an existing sub-transmission line at 12th Street and Division Avenue.

Construction will begin at the Southwest Substation and generally progress north. During construction activity, NPPD urges the public to exercise caution in and around work zones. Work on the approximately 4-mile long line is scheduled to conclude this fall.

NPPD officials stated the line is needed to ensure the continued reliable delivery of electric energy and to enhance the electric system’s operational flexibility. The line will help meet a growing need for electric energy in York and the nearby area. Projections based on historical peak loads indicate the demand for energy in York from now through 2018 is expected to rise at an annual rate of 2.1 percent.

In addition, the new subtransmission line will enhance the community’s electric system operational flexibility, which will allow (under most conditions) the electric load in York and the nearby area to be wholly served from two sources. This will be beneficial during substation and line maintenance and when restoring service to customers in the event of unplanned outages.

The York Southwest Sub-Transmission Project also includes substation work at the Southwest Substation (a new, larger transformer has been installed) and for the relocation at a later date of the Platte Avenue Substation to Fourth Street and Greenwood Avenue. The project price tag is estimated at $2.2 million.