The New York State Public Service Commission today approved the construction plans for a 5.6-mile 230 kV transmission line along with necessary infrastructure improvements needed for the construction of a 127-megawatt Noble Wethersfield wind farm project in Wyoming County.

In granting final approval of the Environmental Management and Construction Plan (EM&CP), the Commission will allow construction of the substation, the switchyard, access roads and the transmission facility. The transmission line will run from Wethersfield, Wyoming County to Orangeville, Wyoming County.

“Wind farm projects such as Noble Wethersfield, which generate electricity from renewable sources, increase energy diversity and promote a cleaner, healthier environment,” said Commission Chairman Garry Brown. “Approval of the environmental management and construction plan, while taking into account environmental and construction-impact concerns, is an important step for this particular project.”

On Dec. 21, 2007, the Commission granted to Noble Wethersfield Windpark LLC a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need to construct the overhead electric transmission line and associated substation and switchyard. The transmission facility will connect the Noble Wethersfield generation project’s electric output to an existing transmission line owned by New York State Electric and Gas. Noble Wethersfield was required to submit for approval an EM&CP detailing plans for the construction of the facility.

The EM&CP provided information regarding details of the facility location and design, and relates specifications for construction of the facilities, location of access roads, substation and switchyard facilities, and measures for managing construction to avoid or minimize environmental impacts of facility construction.

As part of the Commission order, the wind farm owners shall apply the environmental and agricultural protection and restoration measures appropriate to all activities at the approved facilities, as described in the EM&CP, in addition to other requirements.