SaskPower in Canada has announced it is planning to reinforce and upgrade its power transmission and distribution network by instituting comprehensive business and operational renewal programs. A major purpose of these strategic initiatives is to meet the sharply rising future load growth through building and upgrading critical transmission and distribution infrastructure, reinforcing customer connect transmission facilities, and rehabilitating existing facilities and assets. SaskPower is expecting to spend an estimated $5 billion on these critical infrastructure and capital sustainment programs over the next 10 years.

SaskPower is considering various project delivery mechanisms to deliver these forthcoming projects that would work in two distinct phases. In the first phase, which will be an interim arrangement, all current projects will be discretely engineered and constructed by diverse internal and external teams. The second and ultimate phase will be a completely outsourced EPC delivery model.

For more information about SaskPower’s future plans, visit and see the Expression of Interest (DED/003).