Tonbridge Power Inc., 100% controlling shareholder of the Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. transmission line project to interconnect the electricity markets of Alberta and the United States through a 300 MW transmission line announced that today the Department of Energy published its Record of Decision to issue MATL a Presidential Permit that will allow MATL to construct, operate, maintain and connect a new single-circuit 230,000-volt (230-kV) electric transmission line along the preferred alternative route.

This Presidential Permit is the last and final regulatory approval required by MATL to build the power transmission line from the County of Lethbridge, Alberta to a substation outside of Great Falls, Montana.

MATL has also received approval for the line from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Canadian National Energy Board (NEB) and the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board. The Company has now completed its regulatory phase and will now proceed to accomplish its final steps before construction.

Johan van't Hof, CEO, stated, "We are very pleased with this outcome. The work of the staff at DOE has been truly superb in completing their review and I am genuinely grateful for the extraordinary efforts that went into this regulatory assessment. We know that many stakeholders have contributed to this process and we look forward to completing the financing process and consulting with landowners while we get ready for construction."