The Nordic transmission system operators (TSOs) have decided to abolish their co-operation organisation Nordel, originally established 46 years ago. Nordel is replaced by the newly established European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E). Regional co-operation within ENTSO-E provides a good forum to develop transmission grids and the electricity market in the area of the Baltic Sea.

Nordel's last annual meeting was held in Helsinki, Finland, on June 9. The meeting had participants from the Nordic countries and other European countries. Representatives of the European Commission, electricity market authorities and market players presented their views of European trends and developments in the electricity market.

“The traditional Nordic co-operation has been a true success story in this field, but even it calls for a new aspect,” said Fingrid's President and CEO Jukka Ruusunen. “The power system and its operation continue to be technically in the Nordic domain, but it is better to plan, for example, the transmission grid as a whole in the area of the Baltic Sea. Similarly, we should integrate the electricity market from the Nordic countries toward the Baltic countries and Poland on one hand and toward Western Europe (Germany, Benelux countries and France) on the other hand.”

When 42 European TSOs from 32 countries established ENTSO-E, it was agreed that the existing organisations will be closed down and that all co-operation will be shifted under the new organisation. In addition to Nordel, the other organisations to be wound down include UCTE, the operative organisation for the transmission grid in continental Europe, and ETSO, which promoted the European electricity market. The establishment of the new organisation was partly necessitated by the European Union's single electricity market regulations.

ENTSO-E is to promote the integration of the European Union's internal market and to create security of supply and market rules pertaining to transmission grids. It works in co-operation with the Commission of the EU, national authorities and electricity market parties.