James Alan Greer received the 2010 Leadership in Power Award in recognition of his integrity, credibility, commitment, service and dedication to the advancement of power engineering as he performed his role as senior vice president of asset management and engineering at Oncor Electric Delivery.

Greer's comments at the recent IEEE Power & Energy Society 2010 General Meeting awards ceremony follow:

I am just as much in a state of shock as when I received the call from John Estey [past-president of the IEEE Power & Energy Society] to learn I was selected to receive this great honor. It seems odd I should be recognized for having the time of my life. But I must accept this as a team award, as I would not be here without the support and encouragement of my fellow team members at Oncor. Of course, that starts at the top with Bob Shapard, the CEO of Oncor, and the Oncor board who are laser-focused on meeting the challenges our industry faces. This leadership team continually encourages us at Oncor to be leaders and innovators.

We at Oncor have hugely dedicated and energized employees who come to work every day excited about where the industry and Oncor are headed. I'm particularly thrilled about the new hires joining our team, eager to take this industry to the next level. This just confirms that this is a great time to be in the power industry, which is the sexy part of industry in this country today.

And I'd like to include those of you within IEEE in this room as a part of this team. At IEEE, you provide great leadership and guidance on the great technical issues going forward. And likewise, our manufacturers and vendors are a part of the team who are so very innovative and creative in providing us with new products and services, and we thank you for that. I would like to thank the awards committee, and I would also like to thank Ricky Eads with Oncor and Chris Childs with Fred Oberlender & Associates who nominated me and supported my candidacy.

Again, thank you for this great honor and for the opportunity I have to be a part of this industry and part of this group.