Haysite Reinforced Plastics has advanced its compression molded HST-II, HTF and H515 glass polyester laminate insulation sheet products that have achieved Underwriters Laboratories approval rating for a 220°C (428°F) high thermal temperature. Uniquely designed for dry-type high-voltage transformer insulation systems, and elsewhere, that require materials with high thermal indices, these products deliver excellent retention of electrical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.

Vital to keeping transformers operating at a safe and workable load capacity, the correct insulation materials can prolong the life of a transformer by protecting the unit against the enemy of dry-type transformers — heat.

The C-Class temperature rating of the HST-II/HTF/H515 insulation materials can give the engineer an option to use a reduced copper or aluminum conductor, thus offering an opportunity to reduce expensive winding conductor costs for the manufacturer. Each product offers end users specific performance characteristics for different applications

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