The Blackburn Insulation Piercing Connector (IPC) System from Thomas & Betts eliminates the need to strip cable insulation and tape or wrap the connection when tapping into power lines. Designed for main and neutral lines, the Blackburn IPC System features self-latching insulating covers that insulate and protect connections. The IPC System's mechanical design eliminates the need for compression tools to install.

The IPC System consists of one main connector, with insulation-piercing teeth and set screw that eliminate the need to strip the main cable; one neutral connector, which also is installed with a torque-controlled, shear-head set screw; and a self-latching cover, which enables quick and easy installation without the need for tape or shrink-fit insulation, and includes space for a lock-out tag. Each component is available separately or together in a kit for easy handling. Installation is a simple, six-step process.

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