Lineman Boot

Hall's Safety Equipment Corp. introduces a new pull-on boot. This 12-inch waterproof, insulated, steel-toe Wellington Lineman Boot features Goodyear welt construction. In addition, it has Cambrelle moisture-wicking lining combined to a guaranteed waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane, 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation, and a heavy-duty-steel left and right foot inch-wide three-rib-pole climber shank. It has a Vibram yellow plug Tacoma lug outsole, and an electrical-hazard-approved steel toe, which meets U.S. and Canadian standards.

Hall's Safety Equipment Corp. |

Busbar Connector

BURNDY introduces an enhancement to its existing line of type YG-B HYGROUND compression connectors suitable for attachment to busbar or steel.

The YG14BTC28 connector allows for a ground conductor to be easily attached to busbar or steel that has a thickness of ⅛ inch to ¼ inch, with a wire range of 1/0 to 4/0. The YG14BTC28, along with the YG14B2TC2C6C and YG14B2TC2C2C, is quickly installed with the BURNDY U1105 die set and applicable installation tool.


Anchored Tool Tethers

Hammerhead Industries has introduced a pair of new tool tethers for heavy tools and instruments designed for attachment to a fixed structure rather than to a person.

The TL1-3025 fixed-loop tether and TL1-4025 fixed-loop tether are rated at 15 lb and 25 lb, respectively, to keep drills, power drivers, electronic meters, and other heavy tools and instruments safely tethered to avoid injury to the worker or the work site.

The fixed-loop attachment feature also permits tethering of tools that have no other attachment point. For example, when a larger loop is required to go around a large handle like a chain saw, the worker would just slip knot the fixed loop over the handle.

Attached to a fixed object, anchoring the tether transfers the shock load produced by a dropped tool from the worker to the structure. Tethering heavy tools (generally more than 10 lb) is a significant safety concern. If dropped, a 10-lb tool can have a shock load that exceeds 200 lb.

The Gear Keeper TL1-3025 fixed-loop tether has a retracted length of 32 inches to avoid entanglement coupled with a low-force extension to 45 inches that minimizes fatigue during use. The coil is covered with high-strength nylon webbing that can withstand tough working conditions.

The model TL1-4025 is a flexible, low-profile coil system that provides a 10-ft working radius for tools like power drills, nail guns, power drivers and other heavier-weight tools. The coil system is fully enclosed in rugged nylon orange webbing that increases the tether's overall strength and durability under tough on-the-job conditions for tools up to 25 lb.

Hammerhead Industries |

Medium-Duty Truck

Kenworth's all-wheel-drive 4×4 configuration for its T270 and T370 models provides more traction and better performance in slick and muddy conditions. The front drive axle for the T270 and T370 is available in ratings ranging from 10,000 lb to 14,000 lb with the PACCAR PX-6 engine and up to 16,000 lb with the PACCAR PX-8 engine.

Kenworth Truck Co. |

LED Floodlights

Cooper Crouse-Hinds expands its LED product offering with the new Champ FMV LED Floodlights. These lights combine energy efficiency and long life with high lumen output. This floodlight is suitable for hazardous, industrial and demanding environments. The product is available in four models, providing an equivalent 100 W to 400 W. Additionally, with 60,000 hours rated lamp life, the Champ FMV LED floodlights are built to outlast traditional metal halide lights by up to six years.

The Champ FMV LED can be used for outdoor or indoor applications at a wide range of mounting heights depending on model and light level requirement. High-efficiency drivers and LED arrays give high light output from an LED flood, and the optics were designed to give the familiar and industry-accepted butterfly beam light pattern.

For customers looking to upgrade from existing Cooper Crouse-Hinds HID floodlights, the new floodlights use existing SFA6 and SWB6 mounting adapters. This provides cost-effective and timely installations as the new floodlights require no new conduit runs. For customers looking to maintain color consistency, the manufacturer offers a warm white version of the LED floodlights that is close in color to the 3,000 K of high-pressure sodium lamps.

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