Security Fence Post

Gregory Industries Inc. launches the Super C-Post for high-security fencing installations. Super C-Posts provide greater strength perpendicular to the fence line with 60,000-lb minimum yield steel and a wall thickness of 0.130 inches or 0.150 inches. Super C-Posts are stronger than their 3-inch OD or 4-inch OD counterparts, and have a heavier zinc coating for corrosion protection.

The Super C-Post system with the 2-inch cover strap and complete line of fittings was designed specifically for high-security installations using welded-mesh panels, expanded metal panels and smaller mesh chain-link fence fabric.

The advantage of Super C-Post is that all surfaces of the post, both inside and outside, are galvanized. And when specifications call for PVC-coated fence, all of those surfaces are PVC coated. Tubular products are coated on the outside only, leaving the inside susceptible to condensation buildup and premature red rust.

Super C-Posts can be driven and self-anchored without the added time and expense of digging holes or setting in concrete. Tests by state D.O.T. agencies show that a Super C-Post driven 3 ft into the ground hold as well or better than round posts set in concrete.

Gregory Industries Inc. |

Training Courses

Global Training Solutions Inc. is offering new Globally Harmonized Safety Training Courses to help employers comply with OSHA's Dec. 1, 2013, GHS Training regulation. Three new training modules on the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) have been completed and released in English and Spanish. These courses have expanded Global Training Solutions' Regulatory Compliance Training Series, Construction Safety Training Series and Laboratory Safety Training Program. Titles include: An Introduction to GHS; GHS Safety Data Sheets and GHS Container Labeling.

Runtimes for each program are approximately 15 minutes. The GHS courses are available in all formats to include DVD, interactive CD-ROM, Web-based/ e-learning, safety kits, posters and booklets, and come with a leader's guide, certificates, quizzes, scheduling and log forms.

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Self-Retracting Lifeline

Capital Safety introduces the DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Arc Flash Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL). Designed for use in all utilities and electric markets, it is said to be the smallest and lightest arc flash SRL on the market. The versatile Nano-Lok Arc Flash offers users 16 standard configurations and two unique web leg configurations specifically designed for bucket truck and aerial lift applications. It has an electric arc performance of 40 cal/cm2 and has been rigorously tested to meet the ASTM F887-11 arc flash standard.

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Cable Cutter

BURNDY introduces a new scissor-style cutting tool. The PATMDCUT series of cutters are built on the IN-LINE platform and allows for both cutting and crimping using the appropriate attachment. Crimp jaw and cutter jaw assemblies as well as replacement blade sets are available separately.

This tool employs a scissor-cutting action, shearing the conductor as the blades cut. The blades are designed to cut an array of conductor materials including copper, aluminum, ACSR and EHS guy strand.

This cutter features a retractable blade guide, ensuring an efficient cut with true one-handed operation. The PATMDCUT cutting tools are available using either the Li-Ion or Ni-MH battery power source.



The new Klein Lineman Backpack is designed for all linemen. The 5185ORA has a wide opening that accommodates helmets, belts and other equipment. The large front pocket is suitable for separate storage of gaffs, rubber gloves or other equipment. The adjustable padded shoulder straps and adjustable chest strap, assure secure and proper fit. The backpack allows both arms to be free for balance and work, reducing falls and other injuries.

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Aerial Work Platforms

Bronto Skylift offers a wide selection of insulated and noninsulated high-reach truck-mounted aerial devices for utility work and other applications. With advanced controls and one-button automatic leveling of the outriggers, Bronto aerials can be driven onto the site, then set up and elevated to the overhead area in 15 minutes or less.

Bronto aerials are available in a wide range of working heights and platform capacities. HDT Series machines feature working heights up to 197 ft and are available in both insulated and noninsulated models with platform capacities up to 1,500 lb on some machines. XDT Series machines are available with working heights up to 230 ft, horizontal outreach to 118 ft and platform capacities to 1,400 lb. Other Bronto models are available with working heights over 340 ft.

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Faulted Circuit Indicator

The new Cooper Power Systems S.T.A.R. Programmable Delayed Reset Overhead faulted circuit indicator (FCI) is designed to locate faults quickly on bare overhead cable systems to shorten outage times and lower standard outage indices.

The S.T.A.R. FCI is designed as a one-size-fits-all device for ease of application and stocking. Self-adjusting trip technology and programmable reset allow one model to adapt to a variety of electrical systems and desired reset times. The self-adjusting trip automatically adjusts the trip value based on average load current with a minimum trip value of 175 A and a maximum trip value of 800 A.

The FCI is field-programmable with a simple reset tool, so customers do not have to specify the reset time when ordering. The unit can be programmed for a 2-, 4-, 8- or 24-hour automatic reset, or manual reset. This flexibility reduces inventory as only one FCI is needed for multiple applications.

The device also offers easy identification and long life. Blinking LEDs provide 360-degree visual indication that the FCI is ready for operation with indications for temporary fault, low-battery indication and permanent fault status. The unit is fully electronic, powered by a long-life lithium-ion battery that provides the power to indicate the faulted conditions via dual high-intensity LEDs. A patented clamping mechanism makes it easy to install on a wide range of cable diameters and can be achieved with a single hot stick. It can be adjusted to fit on bare conductors ranging from 0.25 inches through 2.0 inches in diameter.

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Nordic Fiberglass introduces the PSPS-101544-MG-X secondary pedestal. This straight-walled pedestal will accommodate either three or four 6-way 350-MCM or 500-MCM 600-V connectors. The pedestal is made of linear low-density thermoplastic with UV additives and pigment permanently molded in the material. The pedestal resists fertilizers, salt air and ultraviolet attack. Stainless-steel hardware provides long-term protection against rust. The top is secured to the base with pentahead locking. Plastic covers protect the connectors.

Nordic Fiberglass Inc. |

Wrench Holster

The Line Transition Impact Wrench Holster is adjustable and made from weather-resistant copolymer, which is impervious to hydraulic oils. The angled position of the holster aids in hydraulic line transition. It is user adjustable for right-handed or left-handed use. The bracket is designed for inside basket mounting and allows for the angle and height of the holster to be adjusted to the user's preference.

Plastic Techniques Inc.

Cable Guard

The Temporary Cable Guard helps linemen restore service quickly by allowing them to run temporary cables over any surface. It reduces truck rolls and eliminates downtime due to cable cuts, storm damage, traffic or roadway activities. It is available from stock in 5-ft sections, and can be produced in other lengths through special order.

The 86-TCG5 guard is 5 ft long, 4.5 inches wide and 1.25 inches high. It can accommodate a cable/bundle up to 0.75 inches in diameter and weighs 8 lb. This guard can withstand heavy vehicle traffic without damaging the cable, and it can be anchored with concrete screws as needed.

The 86-TPCG5 is 5 ft long, 10.5 inches wide and 2.75 inches high. It can accommodate a cable/bundle up to 2.25 inches in diameter, and each section weighs 35 lb.

Budco |

Mobility Belt

The Model 20182M Buck Mobility Belt offers a man-rated upper belt strap that is bound to the lower work position strap by 1.75-inch web.

The four D-ring belt supports the use of wood pole fall-restriction devices, like the new Buckingham SuperSqueeze. The fully-padded 9-inch-high back is wrapped in soft leather for an instant broken-in feel. The product also features two full-float lower-primary D rings and two small upper D rings for the secondary lanyard. The man rated upper strap can be replaced with another Buckingham replacement strap when necessary. Also, the belt does not feature a lower strap.

Buckingham Manufacturing Co. Inc.