Hydro One crews sprang into action on Dec. 22 after an ice storm hit the region, leaving more than 100,000 customers without power in the Toronto area. By Dec. 27, Hydro One reported that 98% of its customers affected by the ice storm had their power restored. Crews were still working before New Year's restoring individual outages.

“The final mile is the slowest and hardest part of any restoration job for our customers and for our employees,” said Carm Marcello, President and CEO of Hydro One Inc. “Crews are going house-to-house right now, in many cases doing repair jobs that only restore a single customer. They will not stop until all power is restored.”

Hydro One had more than 1000 workers restoring power on Dec. 27, more than one employee for every five customers without power.

“Our customers have shown tremendous patience and resilience. I want to thank them, as well as all utility workers from across Ontario who have worked through the holiday season to return life to normal for the people without power,” Marcello added. “It’s been an enormous challenge.”

Hydro One crews from eastern Ontario began work in Scarborough after Christmas, joining an army of utility workers in the City of Toronto where 28,000 customers remained without power. As Hydro One completed its restoration effort, crews were made available to areas that were still working toward total restoration.