Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) utility crews left for Bangor, Maine on Christmas Eve to assist Bangor Hydro Electric Co. with restoring power to thousands of customers affected by that week’s ice storm. The utility dispatched 48 electric linemen and support personnel from different locations throughout its service territory.

The PSE&G contingent worked in the Bangor area for three to five days once they arrived Christmas Day.

“Bangor Hydro called, and we answered that call,” said John Latka, PSE&G vice president of electric operations. “Our dedicated employees know how important it is to get the lights back on – even if it means leaving their families during the Christmas holiday. Once they arrive, they will work 16-hour days to repair damaged electric lines, replace broken poles and transformers, and safely restore power to thousands of customers still in the dark from the recent bad weather.”

Utilities across the Midwest and the Northeast have reached out for assistance, called mutual aid, that allows for the sharing of resources such as labor and equipment during emergencies. The hosting utility reimburses for associated costs.