A massive force of restoration workers were descending on Entergy Texas, Inc. Sunday.

With practically all 395,000 customers in the dark, assessment of damage and restoration of electricity is underway. The company has restored some 1,200 customers in north Lumberton.

Assessment is the first critical step in restoring power. To assist with assessment of damages, a fleet of 25 large helicopters have been brought in to Texas, but continued bad weather has limited their use today. Continued flooding is preventing assessment in some areas.

Workers from 33 states, the District of Columbia and Canada will bring Entergy's total restoration workforce to 14,000. By Monday night, additional workers from elsewhere in the utility should arrive, bringing Entergy's total restoration workforce to 14,500. There will be 7,000 workers in Texas, 6,700 in Louisiana and 800 in Arkansas, including company and resident contractors plus non-Entergy workers from the north.

Entergy Texas' transmission and distribution facilities were severely damaged in the storm. Also, the two power plants located in southeast Texas, Sabine station in Bridge City and the Lewis Creek plant in Montgomery County, are both offline.

The Sabine station suffered flooding from storm surge and the Lewis Creek plant went off line as a result of damage to the electricity grid.

Sabine station will face repairs, however Lewis Creek will be brought back on line when transmission service is restored.

The key to restoration will be transmission, which brings power to large blocks of customers. With transmission operating, power can be restored even without generation plants on line.